Hello, I'm
Tom Shaw!

Computer Science BSc Student

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About Me

Student, Programmer, Tourist

I am a Computer Science student based in Newcastle aspiring to develop a career in the field. I am about to enter an Industrial Placement Front End Development role at HMRC, where I am keen to apply my skills to a new challenge.

My skills:

  • Proficiency in HTML/CSS/JS, Java and Python
  • Confident in communication, time management and problem solving
  • Passionate about programming, desire to learn more!

In my past time, I love holiday planning and travelling - I personally planned and booked a month-long trip to China for myself and 5 friends, including travel, accommodation, visas and activities.

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Project Portfolio

A few projects I have worked on, at work or in my spare time

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Portfolio Website

This website was built in vanilla HTML/CSS/JS, with Font Awesome implemented for icons. It serves as a place to introduce myself, and also to host side projects on the web.

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Catch 'em all!

A small side project built in HTML, CSS and JS using PokeAPI to query the Pokemon database, showing the user some data and an image based on their search.